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✔ ACCESS to 7 instructional coaching videos.
✔ ACCESS to 8 soul-work assignments.
✔ ACCESS to 10 guided meditations.
✔ ACCESS to the downloadable B. R. E. A. T. H. E. PDF Workbook.
✔ ACCESS to the downloadable B. R. E. A. T. H. E. PDF journal. 
✔ ACCESS to the private Facebook group of like-minded spiritual students.

✔ BONUS #1Trinity Of Truth. A game-changing three-part mini course that unveils the secret sauce to gently unravel the threads of resistance with downloadable PDF workbook. (valued at $99)

✔ BONUS #2 Love You: Fall In Love With Taking Care of Yourself is a juicy, 62-page ebook packed with all the goodness you need to lavish care upon yourself and nourish every aspect of your being. Within these pages, you'll discover practices, rituals, and wisdom that will help you replenish your energy.  (Value $37)  

✔ BONUS #3 The 45-minute audiobook for Love You: Fall In Love With Taking Care of Yourself invites your senses to embark on a transformative journey of self-nurturing. You'll find everything you need to care for your mind, body, and soul. Learn how to let self-care elevate your creative expression. (Value $27) 

✔ BONUS #4 The Love You Workbook is your one-stop shop for self-care goodness, offering tools, exercises, and practices that will rejuvenate and energize you.(Value $27)

Get ready to embrace self-love like never before and watch your creativity soar! 

Client love

You will breathe better if you try it! Lisa Berry has a very calming effect and sage insights. I don't say advice because she helps you find your way, so I see her more as a guide. A generous & glorious guide.


Lisa's mindfulness and work ethic have brought her success in all areas of her life - - as an actress, life coach and most importantly, in the beautiful relationships she fosters. She shares her energy and wisdom with those fortunate to be around her and does it all with endless amounts of drive, creativity, passion and ultimately, gratitude. I feel a better person when I'm in her company.

Natalie (Actress)

Deepest gratitude to you, Lisa. I've known Lisa for 20 years, and I have witnessed her transform her life on every level, in every aspect first-hand. Through Lisa's wisdom and teachings, I am continually reminded that external reflects our internal. Self-love is a discipline. And I couldn't have asked for a more compassionate or insightful guide on this path. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about lifting and shifting their vibration and those of the ones around them. It won't happen over night, but that's the beauty of this program. Slow and steady wins the proverbial race.

Krystal (Actress/ Educator)

Self care has always been a top priority in my life, especially with balancing it with a family. So when I came across Lisa Berry's B.R.E.A.T.H.E workshop I felt it was the perfect fit for my demanding schedule because it was simple and efficient.

Olunike (Actress)

What a wonderful treasure chest that Lisa has shared with the world. Both magical and practical, B. R. E. A. T. H. E. takes you on a step by step journey unlocking the gifts of the present moment and self-love. It opens up easy and accessible ways to know yourself better and feel good now. I’ve found her course to be a grounding and transformative experience, one that I go back to again and again. I love Lisa Berry’s B. R. E. A. T. H. E. What the world needs now is to Breathe.

Ngozi (Actress/ Producer)